AP Boot Camp Prepares Students For Academic Challenges


OLCHS launched its first AP Boot Camp this summer to welcome students and prepare them for the rigor of AP classes.  The AP program is growing in terms of access and teachers are expanding their support for AP students.  AP English and World History teacher Jessica Nickless said, “What I’m most proud of about our AP Summer Launch program is how it helps our students feel welcome and comfortable at the beginning of these new challenging courses. We provide the tools at the onset to make them know success is achievable.”

Students started their day at the Performing Art Center with an overview of the AP program and were then given the opportunity to choose from a variety of sessions.  Choices included test anxiety, math tips and techniques, note-taking strategies, metacognition, and several subject-specific sessions.  AP Physics teacher Chris Repa said, "The AP Summer Launch program is a wonderful resource for both students and parents alike. Success isn't achieved in a vacuum. It takes all stakeholders in the school community, working together, to ensure students have the tools they need to be best prepared for college and beyond. This program does just that."

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