All-Around Athlete Alcantar Aims for Big Fututre in Football

There are three distinct phases that make up the game of football: offense, defense, and special teams. For Adam Alcantar, all three of those phases are his specialty. He virtually never leaves the field. And being so successful on the field in all three phases has him looking to continue his football career at the next level in college.
“Adam is an exceptional student-athlete,” head football coach Ryan Pattison said. “Adam is a great football player and an even better student. He plays offense, defense, and special teams for the varsity team.”
“When you think of football, you think of players like Adam. Adam has been a big part of each week’s game plan and is a leader both on and off the field. Look for Adam to continue playing football at the next level as he is getting recruited by many local colleges.”
The Spartans will play at Napleton Field this Friday night for their Homecoming game against visiting Tinley Park.
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