Al-Adwan Shows Versatility for Oak Lawn Girls Tennis

As a number-one doubles team player on a girls tennis team, one thing is for sure, the competition is always going to be top-notch. And ordinarily, the doubles team would work together all year, build chemistry, and strive for greatness. However, when various injuries and illnesses occur throughout the season, a player may need to adapt to change. That is exactly what Reem Al-Adwan had to endure this year.
Still, the gritty Al-Adwan found a way to compete and to win for the Spartans. She managed to blend with several different partners over and over, and she was able to remain consistent on the court.
“Reem anchors the number-one doubles team,” head coach Dan Doyle said. “She has had to show her flexibility throughout the year by teaming up with different partners during the season for various health reasons.
“The younger players look up to Reem as a role model of what it takes to play on the varsity level and to play at one of the most difficult positions on the team. Reem had to face the best of the best from every school we faced. Reem’s hustle and determination and her toughness were apparent from the very start of the year.”
All season, Al-Adwan found a way to overcome adversity and succeed. That experience will surely serve her well down the road and in adult life.      
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