Peer Mediation is a form of conflict resolution in which trained student mediators help their peers work together to resolve everyday disputes. Participation in peer mediation is voluntary, and with the exception of information that is illegal or life-threatening, all matters discussed in mediation sessions remain confidential. Student mediators do not make judgments or offer advice, and they have no power to force decisions upon their peers. Peer Mediation does not meet regularly. Meetings and mediations are scheduled by the sponsor as needed.

Vision Statement

Our goal is to create a positive school climate and to help change the way students understand and resolve conflict in their lives. 

Membership Expectation

Peer Mediation does not meet on a regular basis. Mediators are expected to attend all scheduled meetings throughout the year, including a half day Peer Mediation Training held during the school day at the start of the school year. When scheduled, mediators are expected to be on time to mediations and make up any missed work from classes missed due to mediations. Peer Mediators are also expected to be positive role models. They must embody personal qualities such as kindness, empathy, and respect for all students and will represent themselves accordingly. Mediators are NOT subject to the $25 Activity Fee. Please contact Mrs. Yawer if you are charged this fee.