The Spartan Fishing Team is about fishing and conservation.  Without the conservation efforts put forth by various agencies in our society, we would not have any fish to catch!  The Team will work closely with various agencies to learn about our fisheries, create habitat, remove invasive species, and to restore natural areas.  We will also make every effort to go fishing wherever the fish are biting! The Fishing Team is a competitive team.


The Spartan Fishing Team meets after school on Wednesdays in room 372.

The Spartan Fishing Team is a multi-species fishing team.  During the fall season, we fish for anything and everything!  The spring is our competitive season.  During this time of year, the best anglers on the team team compete in bass tournaments.  

The success of the club depends on parental support.  Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend any fishing meeting, outing, or conservation effort we take part in.  We need your help parents, so come out fishing with us and share your expertise!

Vision Statement

The Spartan Fishing Team exists to allow students with similar interests an opportunity to gather and to empower students with leadership opportunities to plan club and school events.

The goals of the Spartan Fishing Team are to:
1.  Increase knowledge of angling techniques and angling opportunities
2.  Develop awareness of ecological principles related to aquatic/natural resources
3.  Promote angler ethics 
Membership Expectation

Members are expected to attend meetings and monthly events. For a more detailed explanation of membership expectations, please see Coach Kuchyt in room 372.