Alliance serves to encourage all members to apply the positivity we promote to their personal lives, and those around them. We strive to educate our peers about evolving roles in society, and embody the positivity Alliance strives to create. 
Alliance is in charge of school-wide events such as Harmony Week (Anti-bullying week) and the Day of Silence. 
This is a safe space for all students. All opinions are welcomed and heard! We look forward to meeting you! It's never to late to come and join us! 



Alliance Club meets every other Wednesday at 3:00 P.M in room 359. Refer to the Google Activity Calendar for meeting dates. The club sponsors the Day of Silence as well as Harmony Week. Alliance also enjoys and welcomes other clubs to work together for a cause!

Vision Statement

Alliance encourages the Oak Lawn student body to apply the positivity we promote to those around them. Alliance seeks out to educate peers about evolving roles in society and embody that positivity Alliance strives to achieve!  

Membership Expectation

Members are expected to attend all meetings and participate in club functions.