Remote Learning


The governor has issued a stay-at-home order until April 30, 2020.  This order also extended the date which schools could resume in-person instruction.  Although the current date to return is April 30, this plan is designed to carry us through the end of May.  Several states have already closed their schools to in-person instruction for the rest of the school year.  We need to begin planning for a long-term closure so that we are as prepared as possible as the situation continues to evolve.

Beginning April 1, instead of students and teachers assigning daily work following our eLearning schedule, we will move to a virtual “block” schedule.  See the schedule below.  This schedule will continue until we re-open OLCHS for in-person instruction.  We will update this schedule in case the closure goes on beyond April 30.

Student Support 

  • For student Skyward, or other tech help issues, please email, or call and leave a message at (708) 424-4740. 
  • If your student is ill or cannot participate in a Remote Learning day, please call the Attendance Line at: 708-741-5860.
  • iPad support can be reached by emailing

Remote Learning Resources

See Dr. Lietz's Video for Students Here

UPDATED Remote Learning Calendar: Today thru May 22

Remote Learning Schedule and Tips for Students

Remote Learning Schedule and Tips for Parents

Remote Learning Schedule - Spanish

Remote Learning Schedule - Arabic

Remote Learning Meal Options

Community Counseling and Student Support Resources

OLCHS Student Service Department Resources

Community Support for Bills or Food

For copies of our email updates please visit our COVID-19 webpage

Mental Health Resource List Provided by Illinois State Board of Education

ISBE Remote Learning FAQ for Families

Illinois Department of Human Services - Call4Calm

  • Individuals who want to speak to a mental health professional can text "TALK" or "HABLAR" to 552-020.  Within 24 hours, that individual will receive a call from a mental health professional employed by a local community health center.  
  • People can also text "unemployment" or "food" or "shelter" to the same number to receive information on how to navigate or access supports and services.  

Pillars Community Health Resources during COVID-19 Crisis

  • Confidential 24-hour Sexual Assault Hotline (708.482.9600)
  • Confidential 24-hour Domestic Violence Hotline (708.485.5254)
  • Free telephone counseling, legal advocacy, undisclosed violence shelter and all services available in English, Spanish & Arabic.  





Schedule A



1-6/7 & Zero Hour

Schedule B



7/8 - 11

Schedule C


Spartan Plus

No designated meets

9:00 am

Students check email and online platforms for info from teachers

Zero Hour

Students check email and online platforms for info from teachers

Students check email and online platforms for info from teachers

Students sign-in to Skyward for attendance by 10:00 am

10:00 am

Period 1

Period 7/8, 7/9, 8/9


Spartan Plus:

Students work on assignments throughout the day and contact teachers as needed

11:00 am

Period 2

Period 10

12:00 pm

Period 5/6, 5/7, 6/7

Period 11

By 1:00 pm

Students contact teachers with any questions by 1:00 PM

Students contact teachers with any questions by 1:00 PM

By 2:00 pm

Students check email and online platforms for updates from teachers


Grading Outcome #1
Grading Outcome #2
Grading Outcome #3
"Student Improves Grade"
"Student Maintains Grade"
"Student Does Not 
Engage in Learning"
If a student grade improves due to Remote Learning engagement and/or remediation of prior essential targets, the new grade will be the higher grade no matter what grade was in the gradebook prior to Remote Learning.
If a student was consistently engaged in Remote Learning, the new grade will be equivalent to their grade prior to Remote Learning.
Exceptions include students who began Remote Learning with a D or F. They will receive a P for "pass."
If a student did not consistently engage in learning activities during Remote Learning, the new grade will be a P for "pass."
Students who began Remote Learning with a F and did not engage in remediation activities will be assigned an "I" for incomplete. Those students will be required to complete assigned remediation activities when in-person instruction resumes.
Here are some guiding principles for semester grades: 
  • All outcomes are determined by student choice/action. Our goal is for learning to continue, and the scheduled remediation days from May 8 to the end of the school year are structured for ALL students to engage with the key learning activities from their courses. Teachers, counselors, and administrators are ready to assist students who may be struggling to engage in Remote Learning.
  • Engaged students will receive traditional letter grades that are equal to or higher than third quarter grade. This process honors the learning process and maintains grades for students who have shown continued engagement at the passing level.
  • Disengaged students maintain progress toward graduation based on their grade at the end of third quarter. The P indicates they have received credit for the course and is not calculated into GPA. There is no loss of academic standing associated with a P.  Dual Credit students must earn an A, B, C in order to receive Moraine Valley credit.
  • Students who receive an Incomplete (I) will be supported when in-person instruction resumes.