Apple Distinguished School

Teaching during Remote/Hybrid Learning
Ms. Martinez and Mrs. Sampson

Teachers were presented with unique challenges for teaching during the pandemic; however, many took this opportunity to be inspired and present lessons that were creative and valuable to both students in-class and at home.  Many staff members used their MacBooks and iPads separately and/or in conjunction during class period; through projectors, in-class students saw one screen while students working remotely saw a different teacher device’s desktop to best accommodate their respective lesson needs.  Teachers would AirPlay content from their Apple devices to walk students through new skills or concepts.  Use of the Apple Pencil increased; whether it was for solving math problems, adding fine details to drawing, correcting work, or just adding a little personality and flair to a lesson, the device allowed educators to digitally unlock their fullest potentials. Collaborative apps like PearDeck, Google Jamboard, and Kahoot allowed students to work with other class peers on assignments while still getting the valuable one-on-one feedback from the teacher to ensure proper learning and understanding. With our school’s innovative embracement of technology during remote/hybrid learning, teachers were able to innovate and transform their lessons to meet all of the various needs and challenges presented during this unique educational occasion.