Apple Distinguished School

Creative Writing
Mrs. Jepsen

Original Protest Song

Students were asked to think about issues in our world today that they care about enough to protest.  In can be a social issue anywhere - Oak Lawn, USA, Mexico, Palestine, the rainforests.  What are you passionate about?  Students journaled their thoughts.  Students then chose one issue to write a protest song about.  (A song is a poem.  We started with lyrics only.) Before students started, they read this article and listened to more examples.  Like any good poem, powerful words, imagery and figurative language are what make a good song.

What Makes a Good Protest Song?

After writing the song, students were asked to create music using GarageBand. Students had the option to sing and record their lyrics in GarageBand or use Live Titles in the Clips app to add their lyrics to the music.

This is an example of a rap song created and song by a student.

Below are examples of videos created using GarageBand, iMovie and Clips.