1:1 Tech Initiative iPads Project Examples

Below are some examples of how iPads are being used to enhance education at Oak Lawn Community High School.


AP Physics - Mr. Repa

Students in AP Physics used iPads to enhance their inquiry skills during a two-day laboratory exercise on motion analysis.  Using ultrasonic motion detectors and computer interface devices, students collected real-time position, velocity, and acceleration data that was then mirrored to their iPads.  With the help of a high-powered data analysis app, they were able to predict how different characteristics of motion are related.  Students also applied several calculus-based concepts to analyze subtle changes in motion profiles.  The use of iPads in laboratory provided a unique way for learners to collaborate and discuss their findings in a more visually-structured way. 




World History - Mr. Kuchyt

Students in World History used their iPads to complete their Early Civilizations unit assessment. The enduring question for this unit was "In what ways did geography effect developing civilizations?". Students answered this question in the presenations they created using Adobe Voice.

Below are examples of completed student projects

Spanish 4 Honors - Mrs. Wong

As part of their introductory project students created a presentation that contained pictures and some information to help introduce themselves to the class in Spanish.

About Me Presentation

Students selected a political issue in the world and created a presentation. The presentation included discussion questions at the end.

English III - Mrs. Atkus and Mr. Denton

Mrs. Atkus and Mr. Denton created ibooks for each of the units. The students have these books saved on their iPads. The students can take notes within the books. Their notes are turned into flash cards for reviewing purposes. If a student does not understand a word, they can use the speak feature in their iPad to pronounciate the word or they can use the define feature to see the definition of the term. Below are pdf examples of these ibooks.

Geometry - Mrs. Strelow

The students worked in their groups to solve for missing angle measures formed from a transversal intersecting parallel lines. These problems took multiple equations and many steps to solve. The students recorded their results in ShowMe and explained their solution through the form of a short video presentation.

The students were asked to take pictures of different 
3-dimensional figures found around their house, school, or outside.  With their groups they had to decide on the number of faces, edges, vertices, cross sections and net.  These are all the parts we discussed earlier in the week.  They took all their information and created an Adobe Voice presentation.

English II - Mrs. Jepsen & Mrs. Johnson

The students were asked to choose a poem of at least 15 lines that is rich in imagery and figurative language. The students used Adobe Voice to connect text to visual art/photographs and use their voice to reflect the tone and mode in the poem.

Geometry - Mrs. Horn and Mrs. Strelow

The students were asked to create a shape that included at least 2 rectangles, all 90 degree angles and had a area of 12-24 feet. The students measured and taped the outline of this shape on the floor. The students spent 2 days completing different exercises that taught them how to operate and program the Sphero using MacroLab. On the final day, the students programmed the Sphero to travel around the perimeter of their shape and change colors. The videos below show examples of the learning challenges and the final projects.