Six Oak Lawn Community High School seniors in Jenn Jepsen’s Creative Writing class advanced for literature in the 2021-2022 PTSA Reflections Contest. More than 900 entries in 47 states met the challenge to submit entries expressing “How I Can Change the World.”  Emma Jacob’s piece “How Forgiveness Can Change the World” advanced to the National level.
Five seniors were recognized at the state level for literature: Sara Bishawai for her piece “Harassment”; Alex Garcia for her piece “Discrimination”: Jeremy Gravelle for his piece “Change the World”; Emma Jacobs for her piece “Forgiveness”;  “Boz” McTeague for his piece “Every Calorie Counts”; and Brandon Swiatek for his piece ‘Addiction”. Seniors Colin Duggan, Joshua Bernal, and Fatima Karabegovic received Honorable Mentions at the Regional level.
Five students were recognized at the state level for photography:  Kayla Bass, junior, David Favela, sophomore, Hadeel Jaradat, junior, Nabil Kanan, senior, and David Ortega, junior.
Most notable is Hailey Rabadeaux’s film submission which advanced to the National level and received the Merit Award, Bronze Medal and whose work will be featured in the national traveling exhibition.
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