Spartans Medal in Science Competition


OLCHS participated in the SSC Science Competition where students compete in 14 events over a 4-hour period.  The event took place on March 8, 2017 at Shepard High School.  Several scientific Spartans took home medals in eight events.  Gold medalists include Fatima Akili in the Biology Exam; Jade Ryerson and Salam Mulhelm in the Bridge Building Contest; Hend Abazid and Josh Rios in Insect Identification; and James Benson and Mike Rollberg in the Paper Airplane Challenge. Silver medalists include Adam Baniewicz, Akram Mahdi, Viraj Paul, Matt Skupien and Cody Figus in Forensics; and Amjad Halim in the Egg Drop contest. Bronze medalists include Jozef Hyrczyk and Piotr Galas in the Electromagnet race and Eoin Prendiville in the Environment & Ecology Challenge.

When asked why students compete in the competition, science teacher Chris Repa said, “Because these STEM enthusiasts love learning and demonstrating what they know.  They are a great group.  Seeing students so excited about science and learning makes me believe that anyone can be whatever they want to be . . . these amazing kids are choosing to be difference-makers!”

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