Pre-Arranged Absence


The procedure in place for students needing to leave during the school day or situations such as court appearances or funerals, families can print out a pre-arranged absence from online at under the tab “students” or students can pick one up in dean’s/attendance office. The completed forms can also be returned to the dean’s/attendance office.

To ensure that students are successful, please make school attendance a priority. It is important that all students attend every day and that every student receives a good night’s sleep. Please try to avoid scheduling dental and medical appointments during the school day, and don’t let your child stay home unless they are truly sick. Students who accumulate 5 days of excused and/or unexcused absences, per semester, are required to provide the attendance office with verified documentation in order to be excused for each future absence.

The OLCHS attendance policy can be found in the student-parent handbook on pages 12-13. Per the handbook, an excused absence is one where the student is absent for an authorized reason such as personal illness, a death in the student's immediate family, or a court appearance. A call is required to the 24-hour attendance number, 708-741-5860, to notify the school of the absence and reason.



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