Jepsen Takes Creative Writing Class on Meaningful Hunt for Emotions


It can be said that the process of writing is an emotional journey within the individual. For Jen Jepsen’s Creative Writing class at Oak Lawn Community High School, it became an actual journey in search of new ways to express ideas and emotions.

Jepsen recently facilitated an engaging scavenger hunt for creative writing students where they needed to collaborate with one another while building, drawing and analyzing artwork in the school’s media center. The learning from this hands-on assignment included a focus on contributing to a group in a meaningful and positive way, using imagery and figurative language meaningfully, and enhancing vocabulary to express ideas and emotions. Additionally, it simply got them out of their desks and moving around. It functioned as mind stimulation.

“It is fun and more focused,” Lisa Truesdale, a student in the class, said of the unconventional lesson plan.  And classmate Emma Minelli agreed. “I like being in the media center because of all of the color and creativity that you can see,” she said.

In an ever-changing and technology-driven society, these young adults really enjoyed interacting with art and actually physically learning to interact with one another in order to appreciate art in a new way. Jepsen certainly discovered a spark of enthusiasm with this creative writing scavenger hunt.

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