As Spring Takes Hold, the Cold War Heats up in History Classroom 366


Mr. DiFilippo’s AP United States History classes prepared for the Cold War Line of Continuum Project over break.  This project required students to learn an extensive amount about a chosen event of the Cold War and to research other main cold war topics.  Their research was to focus on both primary and secondary sources to better understand the time periods. 

The students were told to line up chronologically.  The students had to work together to get themselves properly lined up by months and years.  After aligning in the correct order, students shared their research information for a couple of minutes to the entire class.    

Mr. DiFilippo commented, “the students seemed to really know their topics well.  I was proud that they were so prepared, even after a long break.”

After the basics were discussed, the class became a center for empowering debate.  Students were asked to line up by aggressiveness of the event.  Students argued over the aggressiveness of the Cold War events and of their impact.  Some argued that some seemingly mundane moments may have been more damaging to the American and Soviet Union relationship than some actual armed conflicts between Communism and the Western World.  

Activities in which students can argue and learn to support their feelings is helpful for preparing for the upcoming AP United States test on May 5.

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